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Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Concrete and Masonry in Honolulu, HI

Nov 30

There are few things as durable and long lasting as concrete. Concrete is used to make the sidewalks, driveways, roads, parking lots, and more that we see around us every day. So it makes sense that you would want to keep your concrete looking its best for years to come!

As a property manager, concrete and masonry can be one of the trickier types of surfaces to maintain. Concrete and masonry are porous materials that absorb water like a sponge. Water is what causes cracks in your sidewalks, driveways, or any other type of concrete surface you may have on your property. If water isn't removed immediately then it will cause damage to the substrate below causing stains and discoloration. But don't worry! Here are some tips for maintaining these surfaces so they stay looking pristine: 

1. Pressure Washing

One of the best things you can do to maintain your concrete is to use a pressure washer or power washer at least once every few months. Most people choose to pressure wash their sidewalks, driveways, or other public areas so they can remove any dirt or grime that may have collected on them.  Many Honolulu concrete contractors suggest that your surfaces be power washed in order to prevent staining and accumulation of mildew from the humid weather.

2. Apply an Anti-Stain Coating to the Surface

Once you've pressure washed your concrete surfaces it's important to apply an anti-stain coating to prevent water from soaking into the concrete and causing stains. Stains happen when there is damage done to the substrate beneath the concrete. 

3. Crack Sealing Honolulu 

Cracks in surface can also lead to staining and discoloration of the sidewalk, driveway, or any other areas you may have with cracks. To determine if your cracks are severe enough to require sealing it is best to clean out the cracks first. While cleaning out the cracks you should inspect them to determine if they are shallow or deep. Honolulu concrete contractors will often times recommend pressure washing the area, applying an anti-stain coating, and then sealing it with a crack filler depending on the current condition of the surface.

Tools Needed for Concrete/Masonry Maintenance:

To make sure you get your concrete surfaces looking great you will need to have a few other things on hand. These items are the basic necessities for maintaining any type of concrete or masonry surface.

  • Pressure washer or power washer
  • Anti-Stain Coating
  • Crack Filler/Sealer Honolulu
  • Soft broom
  • Mop

Advantages to Regular Maintenance of Concrete/Masonry on Your Property

Maintain your concrete/masonry surfaces on a regular basis and you will have the benefit of having that pristine look on your property for years to come. Whether it's your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, patio, or other exterior masonry surface it's important to maintain these surfaces in order to prevent damage.

As a property manager, you also have to consider the safety aspects. Making sure to keep surfaces free from cracks or holes can prevent accidents.

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