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How Much Does It Cost To Put In A Concrete Patio?

May 9

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Many factors should be considered when estimating the cost to pour a new concrete patio in Milwaukee. But for the sake of research, let's estimate a bit and give a general idea overall. First, we are assuming you want just standard concrete and nothing decorative like a stamped concrete patio. Second, we assume you have easy access to the area where you want the patio. Obviously, if there's obstructions or things that would prevent our equipment from reaching the location, that can change cost. Third, we're assuming mostly straight lines for everything because curving concrete can change cost. And finally, we're assuming you don't have any rush on this and can accommodate a flexible schedule.

With all these assumptions, let's dive into some numbers. On average in Milwaukee, a new concrete patio can cost anywhere form $4 - $12 per square foot you want. So for a 10'x10' patio slab pour, you're estimating between $400 - $1,200. We often find homeowners want a larger patio space than that and we usually find people are spending between $2,000 - $3,500 for a standard concrete patio pour that's mostly square shaped.

Yes, it's an investment putting in a new concrete patio. But we believe a new patio like this can truly increase your property value in the long run. When selling a property, many buyers enjoy seeing an outdoor living space they can take advantage of. Here in Wisconsin, we already have a limited outdoor season and already having a new patio poured can feel like the buyer is getting additional square footage for their dollar. And a professionally poured concrete slab will definitely tell them you did high quality work and it will last a long time.

So if you're considering a new concrete patio for your home or small business, call the expert Milwaukee concrete company - JJ Enterprises. We're ready to help you make the outside look beautiful!

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