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National Gallery of Australia

Aug 15

About National Gallery of Australia

Home to one of the most valuable collections in Australia, this museum has a vast range and represents all that we know about art. The National Collection includes over 155000 pieces from across cultures, with emphasis placed on indigenous knowledge systems combined with modern or traditional styles found worldwide. Euro-American Schooled artwork is also present but not seizing upon it solely as such since their focus lies more heavily on Pacific Islands' traditions instead. 

We are the nation's Gallery of immense proportions. Our aim is to inspire all Australians, and we do this by Centralising our vision with an array that celebrates creative practice--especially for women artists or those from First Nations culture who have not been historically represented in galleries before now (and there’s plenty). We also host regular events like exhibitions & tours which deepens lifelong learning opportunities both online AND offline!


What to do at National Gallery of Australia

In the new Australian and International art galleries, you'll find plenty of things to see following a large-scale rehang. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection is made up over 7500 pieces that can be found nowhere else globally!

The Australia museum is the perfect place for anyone who wants to learn more about our country's rich history. You'll be able to explore many different areas of interest, including a kids' section with interactive exhibits and games that will foster enthusiasm in young visitors while teaching them facts they never knew before!

For those who think they know everything there is to know about Indigenous art, the Ceremony exhibition provides a surprise. It's part of NGA’s ongoing series that surveys what happens in Australian culture and this time around it seems like dot painting may have met its match with new techniques for creating stunning works on canvas or paper—and even some metal structures! The electronics section also had something interesting: an electronic paint machine that allows artists access not only colour but light plays into their creativity as well by generating different colors depending upon how you move your arm while using these tools.

NGA Australia

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