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Preventive Measures to Resurface Your Parking Lot

Aug 17

If you have decided to resurface your parking lot in St. Petersburg, FL, you should take preventive measures such as crack seal and thermoplastic markings. The parking lot's appearance can improve the surrounding buildings, and the process will leave your parking lot looking in St. Petersburg, FL great.

Tac Coat Application

Asphalt is susceptible to oxidation and water penetration. Sealcoating will protect the paved surface from these elements and maintain its attractive Parking Lot Paving St. Petersburg appearance. This process should be completed every two to four years. By applying the proper sealcoat, you can maximize the life of your asphalt. It is vital to properly level and compact your parking lot to ensure optimal durability. To achieve this, you should hire a professional Commercial Paving Contractor St. Petersburg.

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic pavement markings are made from a plasticized material that can be molded easily. Unlike paint, thermoplastic pavement markings are highly reflective and durable. They can last up to six times longer than traditional line striping paints. Thermoplastic pavement markings can be applied quickly.

Preformed thermoplastic pavement markings can be applied to a parking lot to make it ADA compliant. The material is available in granular or block form. To apply them to a parking lot, they need to be heated to a specific temperature before they turn solid. Once they are applied, they cool and bond to the surface. Thermoplastic pavement markings can also be used for individual line striping, crosswalks, arrows, loading zones, and handicap symbols.

Crack Seal Application

The crack filling and sealing process is quick and conducted at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is black silica sand, non-trackable, and prevents moisture spread. The crack filling process is not prudent on alligatored areas because these areas most likely have exposed sub-grade layers to water. Furthermore, the existing layer may not be strong enough to support the weight.

Asphalt is a porous material that is prone to oxidation and water penetration. Sealcoating is a crucial maintenance process. It makes your pavement look new and protects it from petroleum spills. Regular sealcoating applications will extend the life of your parking lot and preserve your investment. Crack seal application is recommended every two to four years, or as needed, based on location and usage. Contact our Paving Company St. Petersburg!

Preventative Measures To Resurface Parking Lot

In addition to resurfacing the parking lot, there are other preventative measures you can take to extend the life of your asphalt. If your pavement shows signs of wear, you might consider yearly sealcoating to protect your pavement from damage. Cracks and holes may need to be repaired, but not a full resurface. To avoid costly repairs, you can use preformed thermoplastic pavement markings from our Asphalt Contractor St. Petersburg.

If you are worried about unforeseen events such as accidents or vandalism, consider preventative measures to resurface the St. Petersburg, Florida parking lot. To avoid resurfacing, keep your parking lot well maintained and free of cracks. In addition to resurfacing, preventative maintenance includes crack repair, seal coating, and thin overlays. These measures have helped your asphalt last several years, preventing significant repairs or replacement. Contact our Paving Contractor St. Petersburg today!

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