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Are concrete countertops hard to take care of?

Oct 9


The number of concrete countertops is on the rise in Pittsburgh houses. There are many reasons homeowners choose concrete. Concrete is a popular choice over more flamboyant materials. Others prefer it because it is durable and will last a long time.

Concrete counters can be customized for any purpose, including the ones mentioned. Concrete counters can be customized to your liking. Concrete can look like wood or other materials. Concrete countertops offer endless possibilities.


Even better, concrete countertops are easy-to-clean and maintain. You can clean these counters, whether you already have them or are looking to replace them. You may not want to choose a counter that leaves stains if you are busy. It is also not a good idea to clean constantly, especially if you don't have the time.

Concrete countertops: Tips for Care

Concrete can be used as durable and practical material. It is easy to maintain. However, concrete is not a permanent material. Like other porous stone materials, concrete sealants can wear down over time. Concrete counters will develop a patina over time. Steadfast Custom Construction professionals have the best tips for caring for and maintaining your concrete countertops.

Do not spill anything acidic.

Concrete is not well suited for acidic liquids like red wine or vinegar. Professional Concrete counters installers have a high-grade sealant, which can be used to protect surfaces from liquid spillage. Anything acidic could cause damage to the sealant. Accidents can happen at any time. For example, if you spill lemon juice, it is best to wipe it up immediately. Do not leave them on the counter to prevent liquids from etching the sealant or leaving marks.

Keep yours clean as often as possible.

It is a great way to maintain the durability and appearance of counters. Some people find it challenging to do this because of their hectic schedules. If there are any spillages, it is best to clean as much as you can. You can wipe down the counters if you don't have time.

Be cautious with what you place on the surface.

You can place heavy pots or other kitchen items on the countertops. To make your benchtop more attractive, you can place vases for centerpieces. Concrete countertops can handle them easily. You can use felt pads or table runners underneath the centerpieces to protect concrete countertops from scratches.


Color changes may also occur if you don't place a separator between your item and the counter. Protectants underneath can help prevent this from happening. Your concrete counters could also be affected by the belief that they can handle any weight. To avoid accidents and chipping, children shouldn't be placed on top.

Be aware of direct sunlight exposure.

Some houses make it impossible to expose concrete countertops to direct sunlight. The sun may reach the countertops in the smallest space available, and there is no way to move them. Use curtains or other window coverings that block the sun's rays from hitting the counters. Exposure to sunlight can also cause color changes. To avoid discoloration, you can change the items every few days.

What to do if there are chips and cracks?

Concrete's durability is one of its main characteristics. Concrete is not invulnerable to damage. Cracks can occur despite their strength. Pay attention to the edges as they are where chipping begins. It can crack if you strike the corner with a heavy object. Concrete counters should not be used as a chopping board.


Although they are familiar, hairline cracks can be unsightly. They are not something you want on your counters. It is best to stop them from ever appearing. Avoid putting anything hot on countertops. If you plan to place a pot on the countertop, you should cover it with a mat or something thicker. You should also understand that heat isn't the only problem. Concrete shrinks when it cools down.


It is possible to repair cracks. It can be tedious and time-consuming to fill the gaps with a material that bonds to concrete. Concrete is not as flexible as it should be, so the repair material must be flexible. This will prevent future cracks.

Increase the durability of concrete countertops with a high-quality sealer.

It is a good idea to seal all concrete surfaces. This will prevent future problems. It should be reapplied yearly to maintain the material's durability and beauty. A suitable wax should be applied every six months, depending on how frequently you use your countertops. You will need to apply wax at a frequency determined by the sealant.

Concrete countertops can be maintained with common sense and a bit of time. You can wipe off the concrete countertops and leave any other items on top. You can prolong its life by applying a topcoat or sealant to it. This will ensure that it remains beautiful even after time.


Call the Pittsburgh concrete countertops professionals if you have questions about our concrete countertops in your house.