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How do you maintain a driveway?

Oct 10

Driveways are a specific area in your home that is often neglected until they crack or stain. You can make repairs quickly to give them the attention that they need. You can extend the life of your driveway and preserve its beauty for the long term. These are seven tips to help you maintain your concrete driveway and asphalt.


Crack prevention

Preventing cracks in driveways means sealing concrete every year and asphalt every few years. This will keep water from freezing, penetrating, and cracking. Damages can be caused by tree roots and shrubs pushing up from beneath. It is possible to trim or remove trees from driveways.


Fill cracks

Repair cracks and holes immediately if they do occur. Residential concrete driveway contractors use a masonry tool to remove any loose material and then brush the area with a brush before they apply a patching compound and crack filler. Seal the driveway after the mixture has dried. Your driveway should be level and smooth to prevent guests from slipping.


Reduce water usage on your driveway

To reduce the chances of snow and water on the driveway's surface, leave a 2- to 3-inch area around its edges. Ensure the downspouts drain into the yard and not onto the driveway.


Don't salt cement

Cracks can be caused by chemical deicers and cement salt. Both must be repaired. To make surfaces more slippery, you can use a snowblower, shovel, alfalfa meal, or sand and coffee grounds. You can melt ice by spraying it with sugar beet syrup. This lowers the melting temperature and is effective at temperatures as low as -20°F.


Take care when plowing.

To ensure that your snow plow doesn't damage driveway surfaces, raise the blade enough. To reduce the chance of it catching on your driveway, use a plastic shovel for snow shoveling. You can then either shoveling snow off to the side or push it away a few inches at a time while moving earthward.


Protect the edges

Driveways are not designed to hold heavy trucks, contrary to popular belief. The edges are especially vulnerable to excessive weight and chipping. When you're remodeling your house, make sure to park your car away from the edges.


Clean your driveway

Removing motor oil, radiator fluid, and other similar substances from your vehicle's exterior will affect more than its appearance. The oil can penetrate concrete up to a quarter inch deep and soften asphalt. 


To absorb oil, use non-clumping cat litter. Next, wash the dish with grease-cutting detergent and rinse it with warm water. You can scrub the stain with biodegradable, grease-cutting cleaners. Use a regular scrubber. The driveway's surface can be damaged by a wire brush.


A clean and well-maintained driveway will make your home more valuable. A clean driveway will not only improve curb appeal but also lasts longer than drives that have been neglected. It's worth investing a little time now to reap the benefits later. Learn how to determine the value of your home.