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Bundaberg Railway Museum

Jun 27

About Bundaberg Railway Museum

Once an important railway station for transporting raw materials, the Bundaberg Railway Museum is now a historical relic in North Bundaberg. Established over 100 years ago in 1881 and situated on 28 Station Street, it connected the bustling North Coast Line to the Mount Perry line, which ferried goods such as copper from mines to be shipped off coasts until production of said minerals drastically declined soon afterwards. Served other agricultural commodities like sugar and timber up till the 1960s when parts of Mt Percy were closed down before ceasing operations entirely by 1964; today, this museum stands testament not only as a transportation hub but also as a reminder of times gone-by with its presence expanding awareness about our rich history since then!

Step back in time and explore the Bundaberg Railway Museum! Established at its original site in 1881, take a journey through history to discover an assortment of artifacts from Queensland's first railway station. Get up close with memorabilia that captures tales of Mt Perry copper mining past, located only 500 metres away from where it all began.

Railway museum

What to do at Bundaberg Railway Museum

Step back in time and experience Bundaberg's railway history at the Railway Historical Museum. The original North Bundaberg Railway Station has been restored to present a classic reminder of this part of our past, featuring an array of highlights such as a signal cabin, guard's van and rolling stock collection. Plus, there's also something special for train enthusiasts - mini diesel locomotives! Explore beyond just the regular exhibits with sheds from gangers on display too.

The Bundaberg Railway Museum is a train enthusiast's paradise, boasting an expansive collection of curated photos, uniforms and catering items from dining rooms to the Tilt Train. Explore rare books - including office records, engine driver's manuals, rulebooks and timetables - alongside intriguing tools like locomotive spanners jacks and track work equipment. Get up close with historical relics such as Lowmead station's interlocked signal cabin or the last CTC panel from Bundaberg, plus modern transponders for comparison. Marvel at static displays outside featuring diamond crossings for cane trams used on government lines along with couplings, draw hooks air hoses, buffers etc., all representing past rolling stock technology!

Bundaberg railway museum

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