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Bogey Hole

Jul 21

About Bogey Hole

Discover the Bogey Hole - an intriguing, historical pool with an equally fascinating name, nestled at the foot of what was once known as "sheep pasturage hill" in the 1820s. Rich in history, the pool was initially called 'Commandant's Baths' as a nod to Morisset, its longest-serving Commandant.

Interestingly enough, the name "Bogey Hole" has its roots in the Dharawal language, translating to "to bathe." The picturesque spot also boasts impressive geology, with sandstone and conglomerate formations that are emblematic of the coastal areas framed by the majestic Hawkesbury Sandstone deposit. Experience a piece of Newcastle's captivating past by paying a visit to the mesmerizing Bogey Hole!

Nestled at the base of Shepherds Hill lies a Newcastle treasure: The Bogey Hole, otherwise known as 'the Commandant's Baths'. Dating back to 1820 and believed to be one of the oldest surviving European constructions in the city area, this breathtaking sea pool was hewn from sandstone/conglomerate rock - an enriching reminder that history is still alive today.

Bogey hole

What to do at Bogey Hole

Discover the enchanting Bogey Hole ocean pool - a captivating gem nestled along Newcastle's picturesque coastline. This awe-inspiring attraction exudes brilliance, whether engulfed in waves or basking in serenity. As you stroll through King Edward Park, seize the chance to revel in the Bogey Hole's historic charm.
Carved meticulously by convicts in 1819 for Major James Morisset's exclusive use, the Bogey Hole's origin remains shrouded in mystery. Its true beginnings, possibly as an expansion of a natural rock pool utilized by Aboriginal people, add to the allure and wonder of this must-see coastal wonder.

Discover the Bogey Hole, a remarkable destination steeped in history and recognized by the NSW State Heritage Register for its immense contribution to Australia's past. This iconic ocean swimming pool stands proud as the earliest of its kind across the nation, offering an unparalleled experience that connects visitors to the rich essence of Australia's coastal heritage.

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One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: A1 Concreters Newcastle

Address: 95 Park Ave, Kotara NSW 2289

Phone: (02) 4063 1470



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